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Dual Eden are:

  • Desiree Washington - vocals, guitar, programming, producer

  • Giovanna Spata - vocals, keys, producer

  • Lisa Arndt - backing vocals, keys, Drum Machines, DATs, etc.,

  • David Gunderloy - drums,

  • Vreny Van Elslande - guitars,

  • Letitia Estanscu - synths, and

  • David Adjian - programming, guitar, producer.


Dual Eden was formed in 1997 by Desiree T. Washington and Giovanna Spata as an electronic goth band, with Lisa Arndt joining in 1998. The trio, frustrated with LA's music scene which consisted mostly of hair bands, produced two EPs, 'Ambiguity' on cassette, and 'Underside' on CD.

Described as "claustrophobically" dark, Dual Eden enjoyed success as an electronic-goth band featuring a drum machine, synths and guitar.  The band played venues including Dragonfly, the Joint, The Mint, and Coconut Teaszer.

Eventually the ladies joined forces with verteran session players, including drummer David Gunderloy, guitarist Vreny Van Elslande, keyboardist Letitia Estanscu , and producer David Adjian, to augment their sound and live shows. In doing so, Dual Eden charted a new musical course, blending electronica, fusion, funk and Euro-Pop into the sound that would define their debut full-length album, 'Dual Eden,'  and which would usher in a new era in popular American music.

Dual Eden's combination of electronic beats and live musicianship was groundbreaking in 1997, and their sound is now a staple in mainstream music, with artists such as Madonna, Paramour, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus employing the technique with regularity.

Dual Eden went on hiatus in 2003. Desiree Washington, a licensed attorney, returned to the practice of law, becoming a prosecutor for the State Bar of California, and then later forming an entertainment law firm. She is currently in the studio working on a solo album which she describes as an electronic funk/rock project. Giovanna Spata is a  reflexologist, and is presently recording pop/rock ballads for an upcoming solo project. Lisa has retired from music and now works as a therapist, counseling people with eating disorders.

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